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On Point Locking Battle Vol.2 Video

This event is Canda Largest Locking Only Battle

Hosted by Concordia Street dance 03/19/2016
Filmed by (avaliable in 4K): XWAY Studio

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Being the only annual Locking event in Canada, “On Point!” serves as an outlet for Lockers across Canada to gather and share their passion for this art. After the success of the first edition last year, the 2nd edition of “On Point!” had more surprises and features to further celebrate the growth of the Locking community in Canada. 2016 March 19th is ON POINT!

Host: Ddimplz
Judge: Tash (Lockunity/Flow Rock/Montreal/Las Vegas)

Guest: Lounes (Team Rocket/Lockunity/France)

DJ (Battles): Ridley (Clean Fresh Air)
DJs (After-Party): Walla P (Voyage Funktastique) & Marco Weibel (Darker Than Wax)

1- Lounes [Team Rocket/Lockunity/France]
2- Cantolock [Twisted Ankles/ FLO/DisFUNKtional Fam/Toronto]
3- KeyLock [FLO/DisFUNKtional Fam/Toronto]
4- Melofunk [Lockunity/Calgary/Montreal]
5- Pharaohlock [CSD/Egypt]
6- Tim [Lockunity/Montreal]
7- K-Lock [MSSD/Kidneys/Toronto]
8- Boogie Bonez [Vancity Lockers/ Vancouver]
9- Arthuro [Montreal]
10- Waldo [Clean Fresh Air/ Montreal]
11- Dizzylock [Lockunity/Montreal]
12- St-Ville [Lockunity/Montreal]
13- Groovinh [Lockunity/L.O.C. KinGz/Montreal]
14- Boombeast [Lockunity/L.O.C. KinGz/Symbiotic Monsters/Montreal]
15- Debbie [Lockunity/Vancouver]
16- Jess [Lockunity/Montreal]
17- Jimbo [Montreal]
18- Treklock [Lockunity/L.O.C. KinGz/Montreal]
19- KC [Dysfunktional Family/ Toronto]
20- Lockannick [Lockunity/Montreal]
21- Quantalock [Lockunity/Ingenious Lockers/Montreal]
22- Jonny Qwest [Fresh Funk/LockUnity/Calgary]
23- Sidney [MSSD/Kidneys/Boston]
24- Apachapouli [Ingenious Lockers/Clean Fresh Air/L.O.C. KinGz/Lockunity/Montreal]
25- Flayé [Lockunity/Brossard]

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